Skema Boy Takes the AW Jeans to the Lord's House!

in Mar 27, 2024

If you are a fan of Jesus Christ then surely you are a fan of Christian Hip-Hop & if you are a fan of Christian Hip-Hop then surely you've heard of one of the hottest names in the game. 

I'm talking about Cali Native, Skema Boy. You might know him by some of his top songs including 'Wristwatch', 'Blimp', & 'Donkey Kong'. I am a huge fan of his and what he does to lead people to the kingdom through his music. I also really appreciate his Cali style. Lowtop kicks, crew socks, print beach shorts, a clean t-shirt, topped off with a snapback. That is his go-to and it is the perfect fit for sunny California.

 But one thing was missing. Skema Boy needed some premium denim and I wasn't going to let anymore time pass before he had a pair of AW's. I had the pleasure of linking up with Skema Boy earlier this month over instagram to see what Skema Boy's denim personality was like. As it turns out, he is into classic washed denim styles like the AW Tom Ripe Athetic Selvedge Jean. At his request, I sent him a pair along with some other goodies from the brand.

 Skema Boy was on tour in Atlanta at the time but when he returned to California, I received a wonderful message of thanks from him along with some great images. It was a Sunday when he got in touch. He told me he wore his jeans to church that morning and he loved them.

"Super comfortable and super high quality. Definitely gonna be rocking these at shows. These are fire."

-Skema Boy

 That review is on point and it is excellent news. I know his jeans will serve him well on his adventures for Christ.

-Andre Williams

Owner of All Weather Selvedge


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