Selvedge Denim - Your Forever Pair Of Jeans

in Dec 1, 2023

Ever see someone with cuffed jean hems and wonder about those about the clean, white colored seam? You've spotted selvedge denim - a superior, sustainable fabric that's becoming scarce as fast fashion dominates. With proper care, selvedge denim jeans can last decades, molding to your body for an ageless, tailor-made fit.

Read on to learn why this heritage fabric is worth investing in as your forever jeans.

What Makes Selvedge Denim Special?

Unlike regular denim made on projectile looms, selvedge (meaning "self-edge") denim is woven on old-fashioned shuttle looms, creating tightly-woven fabric with finished edges that won't fray. This artisanal process requires more skill and care, yielding tougher, longer-lasting denim with a timeless look and feel. The signature outseam IDs the fabric and indicates garment quality.

Selvedge denim's superior durability comes from the tight interlaced weave, and the continuous weft yarn that composes the entire width of the farbic. This creates strength and structure, holding shape against repeated wear and washing. Expect selvedge jeans to fade gracefully. They are rip and tear resistant but even when they do take damage, they create a highly coveted vintage look. The vibrant fading and distress patterns become unique wearable art.

Sustainable and Ethical, Too

Along with durability, selvedge wins on sustainability. Instead of the throwaway fast fashion cycle, selvedge denim is built to last years, if not decades. Brands like 3Sixteen and Iron Heart create beautifully fading jeans crafted to age alongside the wearer. The old looms require more skill to operate, lending well to ethical small-batch production.

Shopping for Selvedge Denim

Seeking out authentic selvedge jeans is easy if you know what to look for. Flip up the hem of the jeans and locate the The signature selvedge ID on the outer seam. The denim usually comes raw but a select few premium and high end brands offer washed selvedge. Take our Brad Ripe Selvedge Jeans for example.

Caring For Your Selvedge Jeans

Not every pair of new selvedge denim has the same level of stiffness or texture but they all have a break in period which must be endured before your product reaches its maximum potential.

The snugness at first is normal as selvedge denim conforms to your shape over time. Avoid washing frequently and spot cleaning when needed. Wash in cold water only when required, limiting it to every 3-6 months.

 Ask your retailer a few basic questions before purchase. Is the denim sanforized or not? Is there a noted shrinkage value? Are the jeans cut big to accomodate flr shrinkage or should I size up? It may seem like alot of work for a pair of jeans but you should treat these jeans as if you were investing in a new suit because they can last you a lifetime if you do it right.

Finding The Forever Fit

With proper prep and breaking-in, selvedge jeans will contour to your body and create a fit that is uniquely yours. Seek out a slimmer silhouette, modern or classic, depending on preference, allowing the jeans to highlight fading patterns. Size for an exact fit in the hip and thigh, allowing stretch in the waist.

Take your time testing different selvedge jeans - the investment will pay off for decades of wear vs. seasons. Once found, selvedge becomes the forever pair, outlasting trends and improving with age.

The Past and Future Together

While ubiquitous blue jeans feel mundane, artisanal selvedge unlocks durability, soul, and personality lost to the pace of fast fashion. By valuing timeless craftsmanship and materials from the past, selvedge paves the way for a sustainable future classic - your forever jeans. Ready to find your 1st pair? Visit the All Weather Selvedge website and purchase the Brad Raw Athletic Selvedge Jeans to get started. It's a versatile pair with incredible fade potential.


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