About Us

Hi there! My name is Andre Williams. All Weather Selvedge is my brand house. 
I am a former NFL running back for the NY Giants and LA Chargers and back when I played in the league, we had a saying: "Look good, feel good, play good." It meant that a super clean look in your uniform gave you the confidence to go out & dominate on the field. When you consider all the prep that goes into pro sports it seems silly, but it's 100% accurate. 

Great style bestows the power of self-belief & this holds true off the field. Well made clothes fit well, enhance your form, & boosts your confidence so that you can make your best moves. 

I started building this brand in my playing days back in 2016. At the time, I was having trouble finding premium jeans in a flattering cut that I could wear comfortably without destroying them. I had a tendency to rip my pants and it happened more times than I care to mention here. I enjoyed a tapered fit but there didn't seem to be a great deal on the market for someone with an athletic build. It was either big pants or bust. 

Then I met a brand developer that changed everything when he introduced me to the world of Japanese Selvedge denim, the best denim fabric on the planet. After a mind blowing three hour conversation and one week of deep thought, I decided to make the biggest gamble of my young life and invest my signing bonus into my 1st run of selvedge denim fabrics, with the purpose of developing an athletic fit jean. It has been a wild ride but I am still chasing that quarter million dollar gamble today!
I made that investment because the competitor in me was deeply roused by the idea of using my athletic background as a stake, to carve out my place in the fashion world and compete with the best brands in the market.

Now I get to define what the athletic fit truly is. It is a fit fashioned after the athletically built man and woman. Because of the nature of the fabric and the manner in which it is constructed, the jeans are going to reward you. As the fabric adjusts and finds your form, they are going to make you look more athletic! From the waist down, you are going to look like your favorite athlete, in a great pair of jeans.

Alongside AW, I developed the D.K.SHIN Moto Jean in a fit that I call ‘lean.’ It is something like a skinny fit for an athletic build and it works out great with the stretch selvedge fabrics that make up the collection. 

Lastly, we have the RUNNINGMAN, a casual leather low top sneaker designed for the young professional that knows how to stay cool, be casual, and still get the job done. It is an extremely versatile shoe option and can be worn anywhere, with anything.

AW, D.K.SHIN & RUNNINGMAN represent, quality, style, and athleticism in their highest forms and it is my great honor to share them with you.
These  premium style items that are sure to elevate your wardrobe. Please enjoy and don’t hesitate to reach out and ask me any questions you may have!

All my best,

Andre Williams