100% Cotton Selvedge Jean

AW's Athletic Fit

Who is it for? Simply put, this is a fit for someone who enjoys a tapered fit but requires a more thigh room and space in the top block.

Did you know? The athletically built individual makes up 6% of the world's population. That's 500,000,000+ people across the globe.

Do you:

  • struggle to find pants that fit your waist AND thighs?

  • Do you wear stretchy jeans in pursuit of comfort that ultimately underperform either in style or durability?

  • Do you live in fear of ripping your pants?

  • Do you struggle to rise to the occasion because you over dress or under dress?


Relaxed thigh provide extra room without bagginess.

100% cotton means the jeans will always hold their athletic shape.

Selvedge fabrics are known mold to the wearer over time. Each wear creates a better, tailored fit.

Finally, the taper below the knee streamlines the overall silhouette of the jeans to present a polished appearance that effortlessly transitions from casual to upscale settings.

97% / 3% Cotton/Spandex Stretch-Selvedge Jean


The lean fit is an adaptation of the the athletic fit. If you are someone who appreciates the sleek look of a pair of skinny jeans but can't quite make the cut, this fit is for you.

On most body types, this will fit more like a pair of relaxed skinny or slim fit jeans but without the super small leg opening.

The fabrics for the D.K.SHIN jeans are exclusive quality stretch selvedge (97% cotton 3% spandex) from our Japanese mill partners. This is where the jeans differ significantly from the AW athletic fit. Whether you fall on the smaller side or the larger side, you can be sure that the fabric will accommodate your build as long as you fit the waist. Whereas the AW's are a true athletic fit and tend to be a bit more uncompromising.

Step Up, Be Different